Professional winter storage

You also want to fit your boat well in the winter. Of course your boat can stay in the water with us but it is better to store your boat on shore in the winter. Vessels up to 23 tonnes and / or 1.80 meters draft can be taken out of the water with us. Sailing ships can be parked with a standing mast.

The underwater ship will be cleaned at our special spray site, after which your ship will get a spot with us. You can do this in the hall or at one of our parking lots. The ships are stored on special Roodberg bokken.

Of course, it is also possible to use these facilities in the summer if, for example, you want to have or have your ship serviced.

You can of course take more information Contact with us.

Prices winter storage 2019

On shore (incl. Buck) 15 EURO m2
In the shed (incl. Buck) 37.50 EURO m2
Slopes <8 meters 45 EURO
Slopes 8-10 meters 55 EURO
Slopes> 10 meters 65 EURO
Spray <8 meters 45 EURO
Spray 8-10 meters 55 EURO
Spraying> 10 meters 65 EURO
Environmental tax per cleaning 25 EURO

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